Pattern Matching and Parameter

Last updated 6 months ago

As of 1.1.0, package:angel_framework has nice support for injecting values from HTTP headers, query string, and session/cookie values, as well as pattern-matching for request handlers.

These act as a clean shorthand for commonly-used functionality.

Here is a simple example of each of them in action:

app.get('/cookie', (('token') String jwt) {
return jwt;
app.get('/header', (('x-foo') String header) {
return header;
app.get('/query', (('q') String query) {
return query;
app.get('/session', (('foo') String foo) {
return foo;
app.get('/match', (('mode', match: 'pos') String mode) {
return 'YES $mode';
app.get('/match', (('mode', match: 'neg') String mode) {
return 'NO $mode';
app.get('/match', (('mode') String mode) {
return 'DEFAULT $mode';


A simple parameter annotation to inject the value of a sent HTTP header. Throws a 400 if the header is absent.


Searches for the value of a query parameter.


Fetches a value from the session.


Gets the value of a cookie.


The base class driving the above matchers.


  • defaultValue

  • required

  • custom error message